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Dowel Jig – The Anatomy of a Failed Project

Dowel Jig – The Anatomy of a Failed Project

I needed to create a wide panel for a dining room table build and the obvious alignment choice was biscuits but I wanted to use dowels. Specifically, I decided to make a home-made custom dowel jig from some scraps I had lying around since, well, that’s my style.

My goal was to build a custom dowel jig using a copper pipe as a guide bushing.

I made two attempts and both completely failed. But, I learn more from projects that fail than those that succeed and thought that maybe somebody else could learn from my mistakes, this time around, hence this video.

TL;DW – you can’t use copper pipe as a guide bushing since the interior diameter is nominal and will almost never be the exact size you need. The actual interior and exterior diameters of copper pipes can be found here: https://sizes.com/materials/pipeCopper.htm

DEWALT DW715 12-inch Miter Saw : https://granworks.com/amazon/dewalt-dw715-miter-saw
Loctite Universal Glue: https://granworks.com/amazon/loctite-universal-glue

Grizzly G0580 14-Inch Bandsaw: https://granworks.com/amazon/grizzly-bandsaw
Grizzly G7942 Drill Press: https://granworks.com/amazon/grizzly-drill-press


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