How to Paint Odd Things – Grout

How To Paint Wide Grout

The Saltillo tile used in our house is absolutely appropriate for the Southwest but its wide grout lines proved impossible to clean. I tried painting the grout and the results were well worth the time. It’s easy to do and almost fool-proof. The end result looks like freshly installed grout.

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Quick Tip: Paint Crisp Edges on Textured Walls

Quick Tip: Paint Crisp Lines on Textured Walls

If you’ve ever painted on textured walls, you know how hard it is to create a crisp straight edge. Products like “Frog Tape” are supposed to help, but they don’t. Paint is very good at sneaking underneath your tape, resulting in a jagged line when the tape is removed. This quick tip shows a very easy way to create a guaranteed straight line!

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First Woodworking Project: A Doll Bed

Finished doll bed

I was inspired to try woodworking by watching The New Yankee Workshop with the incomparable Norm Abram. I scrounged together a used Craftsman “contractor style” table saw and a router; commandeered one stall of our garage; and dove right in. My first project (back in 2006) was a doll bed fit for an American Girl doll. Yeah, I made a lot of mistakes, but you have to start somewhere!

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