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Building a Custom Media Wall

Building a Custom Media Wall

There’s something very satisfying about having a full suite of media components all hanging on a wall but with no visible wires whatsoever. Better yet — what if there are no pass-throughs but rather every single wire plugs into a custom designed port just for it?

That was the goal with this build. The media components (other than the TV) are all housed in the floating media console I built earlier. The components like the TiVo, XBox, Wii, and the rest all plug directly into the Denon AVR. All of the speaker and video (HDMI) outputs from the AVR are then plugged into a custom panel behind the console that contains jacks enough for all of the outputs.

There is a corresponding panel behind the TV that has all the inputs, plus a power outlet. Very slick.

Without further ado, here’s the video detailing the build:


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