• Viewing IP Camera Live Feed on a Mac

    Most IP security cameras have a browser interface with a live feed.  On quite a few of them, the ip camera live feed requires a

  • Installing Lorex LNB4421 PoE IP Security Cameras

    We recently had a couple bikes stolen from our back yard, showing the need for security cameras. I installed four Lorex LNB4421 IP security cameras that use Power over Ethernet (POE) for both power and networking. It required some out of the box thinking.

  • How To Use a Grab Hook

    This post shows the proper way to use a grab hook with a tow chain

  • Dowel Jig – The Anatomy of a Failed Project

    I made a custom dowel jig using copper pipe as a guide bushing and it completely failed. This video explains what went wrong.

  • DIY Wood Fidget Spinner

    My son and his friend wanted fidget spinners and were willing to do the work to make them. So in this episode of granworks, I help them do just that!

  • Clean and Rustproof Garden Tools

    Garden tools (shovels, hoes, spades, etc) tend to rust if left out or left with soil on them. One time honored method of cleaning and then protecting them involves a bucket of oil-impregnated sand. Does it work? In this episode of granworks, I examine that idea and create one such bucket to test.

  • Three Drywall Patch Methods

    A drywall patch can be commonly done with a patch kit; a “California” patch; or a patch with a support board. I test all three methods.

  • Building a Custom Media Wall

    I built a custom media wall with fully custom wiring, cabling, and ports

Which Panel Carrier Is Best?

Which Panel Carrier is Best?

Do you find yourself carrying heavy (up to 85 lbs for sheets of MDF!) and cumbersome sheet goods and panels? A panel carrier is essential in that case. In this review, we compare the strengths and weaknesses of the Stanley Panel Carry, Gorilla Gripper, and Panel Pal to discover which panel carrier is best and which works out the best for you.

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How to Paint Odd Things – Grout

How To Paint Wide Grout

The Saltillo tile used in our house is absolutely appropriate for the Southwest but its wide grout lines proved impossible to clean. I tried painting the grout and the results were well worth the time. It’s easy to do and almost fool-proof. The end result looks like freshly installed grout.

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