Quick Tip: Paint Crisp Edges on Textured Walls

Quick Tip: Paint Crisp Lines on Textured Walls

If you’ve ever painted on textured walls, you know how hard it is to create a crisp straight edge. Products like “Frog Tape” are supposed to help, but they don’t. Paint is very good at sneaking underneath your tape, resulting in a jagged line when the tape is removed. This quick tip shows a very easy way to create a guaranteed straight line!

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April’s Credo #1: Make It Work For You

Pink countertops

It took us an entire year of house hunting before we landed on this particular one. The house supposedly had an “upgraded” kitchen and it did at least have stainless steal appliances. And pink counters. Wait, pink? Yeah, from the very start (a good 5 years ago) we decided that obviously atrocious pink counters would be the first to go. Obviously! But something happened along the way…

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First Woodworking Project: A Doll Bed

Finished doll bed

I was inspired to try woodworking by watching The New Yankee Workshop with the incomparable Norm Abram. I scrounged together a used Craftsman “contractor style” table saw and a router; commandeered one stall of our garage; and dove right in. My first project (back in 2006) was a doll bed fit for an American Girl doll. Yeah, I made a lot of mistakes, but you have to start somewhere!

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Gotta Start Somewhere

Starting Line

Well, after several years of saying “we should create a blog”, we decided that either it’s time to actually start it up, or just give up on the idea entirely. You’re seeing that we decided on the former path.

We don’t know what we’re doing. Neither of us have ever had a public blog of any sort. The goal is to also have a YouTube channel — that’ll be completely new to us, too.

But that’s sort of the point of granworks. We go through life jumping headfirst into something and hope that we’ll figure how it works as we go. Why would this blog be any different?

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