• Projector IR Cable Pull

    Using a Pull Cord to Get an IR Cable Into My Theater

    In this Phoenix Theater build log, I pull the Harmony’s IR cable into the theater via the projector’s conduit and using the installed pull cord.

  • 02-companion-remote

    Living in Harmony (A Logitech Harmony Companion Remote Review)

    A review of the Logitech Harmony Companion Remote and Smart Hub as a first step in automating my home theater, controlling not only my older IR projector but also a Kodi powered HTPC

  • Create Fail and Fix a Backwash Pipe

    Creating a Pool Filter Backwash Pipe.. and Fixing My Failure

    Our old pool filter backwash system required multiple tools, decent strength, and was messy. The new system using a PVC pipe is trivial to use and doesn’t require getting messy or wet… but it also completely failed the first time we turned it on! Most of the time on this project was scrambling to fix my failures and bring this to a workable state.

  • Installing Emby Inside OpenELEC

    Installing Emby Inside OpenELEC

    The Emby server does a much better job of movie management than Kodi but handily integrates well with it. OpenELEC makes it difficult to run 3rd party software such as Emby, though. In this post, I show how to insert Emby into the OpenELEC disk image to run alongside Kodi on the same HTPC

  • How to Install OpenELEC on an HTPC

    How To Install OpenELEC on an HTPC

    This video-only post shows how to install the OpenELEC operating system with Kodi onto a bare HTPC

  • How To Assemble a Bare HTPC

    How To Assemble a Bare HTPC (Video)

    In this video-only post, I show step by step instructions on assembling a bare HTPC from scratch

  • How To Make a Super Simple DIY Lavalier Mic for $10

    Create a Super Cheap and Super Easy DIY Lavalier Microphone

    Lavalier (or lapel) microphones can be pretty expensive and wireless versions even more so. I show how to make a DIY version that’s super cheap and super easy to make, yet sounds remarkably good. As a bonus, it uses your smartphone to be a true wireless solution. All for $10!

  • Miter Saw Upgrade New Blade and Laser

    Miter Saw Upgrade With a New Blade and Laser

    I did my very first miter saw upgrade, replacing the stock blade on my DeWalt DW715 with a new finishing blade and the installing a third party laser. It was relatively easy to do and the end result is dramatically better. My cut smoothness and accuracy now rival that of a table saw!

Which Panel Carrier Is Best?

Which Panel Carrier is Best?

Do you find yourself carrying heavy (up to 85 lbs for sheets of MDF!) and cumbersome sheet goods and panels? A panel carrier is essential in that case. In this review, we compare the strengths and weaknesses of the Stanley Panel Carry, Gorilla Gripper, and Panel Pal to discover which panel carrier is best and which works out the best for you.

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